Tuesday, October 6, 2009

7th October TAW-TALK

Hello again!

thanks for a great time at the last TALK but guess what!?
another Talk is coming up!

First sorry for the short notice but some planning went wrong.
anyway as said - TAW TALK tomorrow the 7th of october at 20:00, in the big classrom

this time we will hear from two people:

Erik Schmidt will be up first with the topic:
"There's more to life than Disney"
He will bring up a discussion "Disney" vs "other styles of animation".
Erik Schmidt is currently teaching the Ca08, and have been working for Dreamworks and Disney.

next is Tom moore. The director of the movie "Brendan and the secret of kells", the movie that was screened at futurama a couple of weeks ago.
He will be talking about how it is to be an independent animator. He will be showing some short fims he's made and he might be talking about "Brendan and the secret of kells" as well.

we are looking forward to see you all again!

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