Friday, October 9, 2009

7th october - 22nd september

two great Taw-Talks have now passed.

On the 22nd of October we heard from Paul Topolos. He is a Matte-painter who has been working for Lucas arts and Pixar. He talked a lot about how it is to work for these two companies and generally what it means to be a matte-painter. We got to see some behind-the-scenes at several Pixar films such as Wall-E and Ratatouille, and some exclusive stuff from the movie "UP".

On the 7th of October we heard from Erik Schmidt and Tom Moore.
Erik Schmidt(who has been working for Dreamworks and Pixar) raised a discussion about creativity and how it can be locked down by working under big companies such as Disney. It was a nice debate about wether or not animation is an artform or a craft.
the debate was based on this speech by sir Ken Robinson:

Tom Moore(who is the director of "Brendan and the secret of Kells") Talked about how it is to be an independent animator at the studio "Cartoon Saloon",which he founded with a couple of friends after graduating. He showed us some of the projects that Cartoon Saloon has been doing and especially "Brendan and the secret of Kells". It was very inspiring to hear how it is to start your own business and what up's and down's you can encounter.

this is the link to their homepage:

Stay tuned for the next TAW-TALK!

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  1. Sounds great TAW-Talker team! Keep up the good work squeezing info from the experienced artists visiting the school.
    Don't forget to search for the stars among the students as well!
    Looking forward to hear what's on the next program.