Saturday, February 14, 2009

Logo Entries: Vote now!

These are the three great logo entries I have recieved for the TAW-Talk logo competiton.

Now what you have to do is leave a comment where you vote for number 1, 2 or 3. You only have one vote and please make it clear in your comment which one you're voting for. Thanks to Sir Tod and the forever returning Benjamin Spaceman Nielsen for their entries.

The winner will be revealed the 24th of February at the next TAW-Talk and cool prices will the awarded of course.

Hope to see your vote here soon!


  1. I wote nr 2. Its awesome :)

  2. I too vote for nr. 2. Not to ape Andreas, no no no this is a case of a sympathy-vote. I see the desperate attempt to out shine me with a double entry, in the comp. Don't worry Tod I hear your cries for help. And I am merciful, and caring not to forget a good sport. Maybe some of all you voters should consider giving me some credit for that. At least a vote!!! husballe I know you used yours, but since it was a Wote, I think we should recound. That's all folks

  3. Nice people! Great to see some votes in here. Tell your friends to vote before it's too late!

    The vote will end Monday at 22:00