Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yes, you read it the right way! There is a LOGO COMPETITION going on right now! I need logos to decorate this amazing blogspot from time to time and even though the 0.3sec sketch Benjamin did, which is up now, is way cool, I'd like some new ones.

Everyone can join in. Mail your TAW-Talk logo to me at:

Now you're thinking; hey! in a competition there are usually prices! And YES!! There is a price for the best entrance and also one for the runner up! The price is a surprise reward, which will defo be worth getting your hands on!
So don't hold back!

The only limit to this is that TAW-Talk is in your logo somehow.

The competition will end Thursday the 12th of February 2009. The winner will be revealed at the next TAW-Talk, which is the 24th of February.

Hope to recieve some cool looking logos soon!


  1. This is great, a competition. I've heard of it, I even saw some highly potential stuff. Was it Benjamin who did the We promise it wont suck-LOGO...AHHH FABULOUS!! any way he's got my vote yours truly Magnus Norman

  2. Blog seems to have Magnus and me mixed up, since my name is on the prior post. But hey thanks for the support Magnus....

  3. Yeah, seems to be a problem with the wrong name popping up sometimes. I'll look into that soonish.
    Today is the deadline for the logo competition, so stay tuned to see the potential winners! Some of the logos entered in the competition 'sucks', but I've recieved some solid material as well. Keep the comments coming!