Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Next TAW-Talk : February 3rd at 20:00

As the title says, the next TAW-Talk will be february 3rd, which is a Tuesday, at 20:00. It is in the big classroom and it will end at 22:00.
We will have Henrik Soenniksen talk about Tim burton and we will watch some clips to continue the talk about lip-sync. There will be one more headline to the event, but I am still thinking about that one.

Hope to see you all there
TAW-Talker Frederik


  1. Wuuuhuuuuuu Henrik!!!


  2. YES! Henrik Sønniksen IS actually coming!

    About the cake business, I think that an Elk Hair cake would be in order!

    Have always wanted to see you guys in an apron...

  3. damn, I missed it. I was spacing out on my own. Will Magnuses web page list be available on this here blog ????

  4. Yes indeed Taw-Talker Benjamin, The Spacer. I'll get the list in as soon as magnus hands it over! Wow, nice times ahead!