Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last night. 20th of January, Benjamin Nielsen, a formely well respected TAW 3 student, shared his views on the subject of spacing and how this very abstract concept appears in his mind. From the beginning people tried hard to follow the young eager animator, but several personal questions and some eratic body language had to be taken into use before we all got the idea...Benjamin imagines ALL the single frames in his scenes put together on top of each other in one big pile og line! This aparently gives this little 'spaceman'(ha ha) an overview of how his spacing should be. Yes indeed, we all have our own way of thinking. Thank you for sharing Benjamin!

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  1. O Benjamin, Benjamin! wherefore art thou Benjamin.
    Such an eager fellow, I pray in time you might mellow...
    For the world is grasping in the hand, of a man who wants to understand...
    With Love