Friday, February 27, 2009

Critique my scene, please!

This wonderful event reoccured, this time starring the work of Andreas Husballe from TAW07. Andreas had done an acting scene and he was starting to go blind on it. Critique was thrown at him from all angles from the TAW-Talkers present. Hope it was worth it Andreas.
Thanks for sharing man.


  1. yes we hope it was helpful, but if you cease to get that glass modeled properly you scene is going no were :) sort it out husballe, and lock your bike as well.

  2. Nice sceen indeed Andreas, especially if you take the time to fix some of the things you got critiqued on. More time showing the thoughtprocess and a better endpose would both do wonders. Maybe even rethink the reaction he has to the warm fluid hitting him.
    Looking forward to see the changes implemented! Keep animating.